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Paolo Bettini World ChampionFor the second time Paolo Bettini becomes world champion at the World Cup in Stuttgart. Bettini, a native of Cecina, became professional in 1997 and i
Choccolandia Cecina Choccolandia 2007, Cecina triumphs food of the gods - 9/10/11 March 2007 The town of Cecina is ready to give three days of intense emotions and swe
Targa Cecina Targa Cecina Floats and prizes podistico Livorno - Cecina L 'August 8, and 5 and 12 September 2004 held the parade floats with Palio podistico
Sangriata Rosignano Solvay Great Sabgriata A Maritime Rosignano - Loc. Beaches White E 'one of the most famous festivals throughout Tuscany among young people. It always take
Granfondo Costs of the EtruschiWith the September month the organization of the seventh edition of the national manifestation in mountain-bike has had beginning in important way, to


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