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history Cecina

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history Cecina

The story of CastiglioncelloRich in history, it was already a popular destination during Roman Holiday, which the beautiful villas that are located along the coast. In the Middl
The story of RiparbellaThe territory of Riparbella became autonomous community in 1755 and 1892 has suffered a decline in the territory. The country went through donations
Rosignano Solvay and its historyResort Rosignano includes many fractions, among which there is also Rosignano Maritime. In addition to the famous industries located in the area of So
The story of Maritime RosignanoThe town Rosignano, which includes Many fractions, in addition to the famous industries placed near Solvay , is flourishing of small companies.
Vada and its historyCity of the sea, is known Since antiquity to be a natural harbour and testimony of Therefore, the ancient name "Vadum" (berthing, ford). Describe
The story of CecinaThe settlements in the area date back to Cecina 'age Iron : there are many archaeological remains that we witness a Significant activity in this
The History of BibbonaMedieval castle, property before the abbey of Saint Maria in Vico Masio then of the Cathedral of Lucca, around to XII the century divenne signorile po


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